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Perhaps It’s a Sign of the Times…

Anticipating my 10th wedding anniversary, I consulted my oracle to find out what “material” was associated with number 10.   I know the big ones.  Like 25 years has silver, 50 years has gold, and 75 years has diamond.

Turns out that the site I landed on had options for the “material”.  You could choose the “traditional” or the “modern” material.  I guess I’m okay with this in concept, but get this!

For the 10th wedding anniversary, the “traditional” option is tin/aluminum, and the “modern” option is diamonds!  What?  Tin vs Diamond… Really?  How does one even think to make that leap?

Is it a sign of the times?  Are diamonds today  as valuable as tin/aluminum was 200 years (just pulled that number out of the air) ago?

Is it a sign of the times that whoever comes up with these options doesn’t anticipate that couples will ever make it to 75 years of marriage in our world today, so they decided to move up the giving of diamonds?

Did tin get a bad rep without my knowledge? 🙂

My mom, Doris Sheean, made a lifetime worth of pies and other goodies,  in these pie tins, and now they are mine, and I continue making good use of them.  Sure, they don’t sparkle, and they can’t cut glass, but to me, they are invaluable!

BTW, I’ve decided that I’ll cook our 10th anniversary dinner in tin foil pans!  I’m gifting myself easy clean up.  I like traditional just fine. 🙂

Tin vs Diamonds – Perhaps it’s a sign of the times…

Be well,