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Food Vices Part II – Sloth

In Part II of this exploration on the Seven Deadly Sins of a Foodie, I will slowly (as would a sloth) develop an argument demonstrating how slothfulness plays its lazy role in a foodie’s world.

slothPhoto courtesy of Flickr

Sloth, how do you impact me?

First, I want to acknowledge that you, Sloth, definitely go beyond simply being physically idle.  You can bring about a level of inactivity in my food focused world that is indeed sinful.   Of course, I’ve always known that I only get one chance with this “house”, my body.   A fact that is becoming painfully clearer to me as I get older.   If I continue to revel in my food focused world, and succumb to your indifference about being physically active, then my “house” will fall into a state of disrepair.  Heaven forbid if it were to be an irreparable state of disrepair.

It’s time to shun you, Sloth, and do the work to create a positive perspective about myself.   (I don’t mean going to an extreme and being prideful though Pride will be another installment in this series).  Apathy and excuses for laziness need to be abolished.   As a lover of food, I can longer afford you as a guide.  You’re fired!

Secondly, because of you, Sloth,  I am, at times, prone to stupors.  I know I’m not alone in this.  Many of us have been there… in the food induced ‘coma’ after say a huge Thanksgiving dinner.  Let’s stop blaming that on tryptophan!  That stupor is a direct result of two things – overeating and sitting idle after doing so.  To first combat the stupor obviously don’t overeat (duh!) and secondly if on the occasion when I do overeat I’ll take a walk after over indulging.  Sloth, I will no longer let you tempt to slip on my sweat pants and rest after a big meal!  Instead, I’ll don my walking shoes and hit the pavement.

Sloth, you need to be replaced immediately with Diligence.

Virtuous Diligence is vital to overcome your ill effects.  Diligence beckons us to be industrious versus inactive.  Attentive versus apathetic.  Persistent versus lazy.

Sloth, take a hike… Thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,

P.S.  No disrespect was intended toward the lovable, cuddly creature, the sloth, in the writing of this piece 🙂