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Variations on a theme…

By itself, quinoa packs a nutrient-rich punch. Couple quinoa with a few other ingredients and you are on the road to a delicious meal.   Though we typically eat quinoa as a “grain”, it is not a grain but rather is the seed from plants in the same family as spinach, swiss chard and beets.

Touted for being an extremely healthy food, quinoa has only 222 nutrient dense calories per three quarters cup serving, has a low glycemic index and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. And because of its composition of amino acids it’s considered a complete protein. Impressive don’t you think for such a little seed!

Regardless of its nutrient content quinoa is also delicious.    As I’m experimenting with eating vegan before 6pm,  I’m perusing new sources for inspiration and ran across a recipe for Quinoa Corn Cakes. I found them to be a very delicious way to start my day (a good alternative to oatmeal or whole grain toast with nut butter).   I love savory food for breakfast so this wasn’t a leap for me.  I’m looking forward to topping a quinoa cake with a runny fried egg one of these days (after 6pm of course).

Quinoa Corn Cake

I loved the idea of these quinoa cakes, so during the week I played with the ingredients and made Quinoa Cakes with Sweet Potato and Black Beans.  This was a great variation on the theme.  I tossed the greens with some Southwestern Lime Vinaigrette and it was a very yummy dinner.  I imagine that you can add just about anything to the quinoa and make these cakes.  By simply changing the vegetables and the spices… the possibilities seem limitless.  The only caution I have is to ensure that the mixture doesn’t become too wet with your choices.  If that does happens, do not despair!  Abandon the cake concept and turn your creation into a wonderful salad!

Sweet Potato black bean

I’m sold on quinoa cakes and positive that they will be part of my regular rotating menu items.

Well that’s a wrap for this week… please feel free to share any variations to the quinoa cakes that you come up with.  I’m excited to try them!

Variations on a theme… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,

P.S.  An update on my struggle with reaching for salty crunchy snacks and mindlessly eating out of boredom… I rediscovered popcorn!  Not the microwave stuff that will do nothing to squash  boredom but actually attending a pot of popping kernels and then enjoying the salty crunch.  I hadn’t had good old fashioned popcorn in several years and found it to be quite a delightful treat.