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In last week’s post, I was contemplating transitions.  I, for one, am now fully embracing Fall.   However, truth be told, a few weeks ago that was not the case… for me, the autumnal equinox fell on me and delivered a funk.  A FUNK!  I hate funks.

There wasn’t enough D3, GABA, wine (!), or outside activities around to release me from the oppression.  Happily, I’m out of it now, and re-energized by the cooler weather and the beautiful colors.  With my new found energy, I’ve decided to go globetrotting, though unfortunately only in the figurative sense,  in search of soul soothing comfort food from around the world!

Despite how small the internet makes it feel, the world is vast, and it inspires me.   World cuisine lures me like sirens calling to sailors, and it is very possible that I may have a few “ship wrecks” of my own along the way on my adventures.  I’ll need to rely heavily on my navigation skills as I pore through the oceans of recipes that are available.

Last week, I dipped my toes in the Persian Gulf with in the Chickpea Stew flavored with Baharat.

This week, I ‘traveled’ to Puerto Rico and discovered Asopao de Pollo… a traditional and satisfying chicken and rice stew.


The layering of flavor begins with a brief “acid bath” for the chicken.  Wow… “acid bath” that sounds like something straight from the pages of a psychological thriller :-)!

I must admit that simply marinating chicken in red wine vinegar and salt and pepper was a first for me, and I hesitated before putting the chicken in the pool but decided to take the leap!

The cooking starts by preparing the sofrito, the aromatic veggies, and the spice of the stew comes from a quintessentially Puerto Rican mix called sazón — a blend of paprika, coriander and cumin.


With the brilliant (yes, I think it’s brilliant) addition of chopped roasted red peppers and pimento-stuffed green olives, added toward the end of the cook, the flavors are elevated well beyond plain old chicken and rice soup.

If you’re looking for something a little different to do with your chicken and rice, I recommend Asopao de Pollo from Puerto Rico.

Globetrotting… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,