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Food Vices Part III – Pride

I am for the most part a very healthy eater.  Making good, healthy food choices is not typically my problem.  My problem is that Pride is deceitful and he encourages excess. Pride loves to gently caress my shoulder, whisper into my ear and charm me into forgetting my limits.

He charms me into forgetting that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to food (and truth be told occasionally liquid libation).  He charms me with sweet words of assurance that “of course, my Dear, you can have a little more; it will do you no harm.  Go ahead. Have just another few bites”.

Pride, your arrogance is starting to get really annoying and you must be deposed.  I no longer care to be seduced by your devilish silver tongue.


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Yes, I’m on to who you really are, Pride, and our courtship is over.  I’ve decided that my life will be far more palatable if I step out, henceforth, with Humility.

Humility knows his boundaries and limitations and will encourage me to recognize my own.  I will let him take my hand and guide me gently along the gastronomic road.

So Pride, just in case you are too arrogant to realize what just happened, let me put it to you simply.  We just broke up…

Food Vices Part III – Pride… Thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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