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Best of Summer Part IV Grilled “Elephant Ears”…

Today’s segment in the Best of Summer series comes from Irene who says this about her Grilled “Elephant Ears”…  “These where a happy accident that have now become a fast favorite in our house! They keep changing and growing and I’m not sure that they can still really be called “Grilled Elephant Ears”. They are now more of a “grilled dessert pizza that you put whatever you want onto” sort of thing. Whatever you decide to call them, they are lovely, tasty, and really quite easy! I hope you enjoy!”

Irene PizzaOf course you can purchase nice pizza dough, however homemade is  easy to manage. Irene’s Pizza Dough recipe is very pliable and therefore extremely easy to handle.

Irene suggests the following toppings for Grilled Dessert Pizza:

  • Thinly sliced peaches, honey, and basil (This has become one of Irene’s personal favorite! She says “It tastes like a very fresh peach pie!”)
  • Quartered figs, aged balsamic, and crumbled feta
  • Mini marshmallows, dark chocolate, and dried cherries
  • Whatever you have in your fridge, garden or cupboards that you like and want to throw on crust!

For my version of grilled dessert pizza, I used thyme and cinnamon infused honey (rather than Irene’s cinnamon sugar mixture) with figs, blue cheese, almonds and topped the pizzas with arugula.  (Did you know that arugula is an herb that is part of the mustard family?)


And now I’d like to share a little bit about today’s contributor, Irene.  She is a trained chef and yogi.   Chef Irene trained at Western Culinary Institute, and Yogi Irene trained at The Yoga Institute and Bookshop, Sunset Yoga, and Twist Yoga Edmonds (Washington).

There are many things that I love about Irene, but particularly,  she loves food.  She respects food.  She is creative with food.  And last but certainly not least, she understands that food has the power to heal body, mind and soul.  (Amen!)

Irene, is a beautiful, humble young woman.  Oh and lest I forget, she is a busy women.  In addition to having two children, a five year old and a new born, she is owner of Nourishment (food & yoga) and co-founder of YogaIN.

At Nourishment food&yoga the “focus is feeding your body and mind through both what you eat, and the practice of yoga.”  http://www.nourishmentfoodnyoga.com/

The mission at YogaIN is to bring “yoga experiences to you through workshops, retreats, and classes around Portland, Oregon and maybe someday the world.” http://www.yogain.net/

She has managed, in her short time here on this planet, to seek out and find the place where her spirit soars.  She moves gracefully in that space and combines her two passions, cooking and yoga.

Namaste Irene.  Thanks for being you and also for your fun contribution to the Best of Summer series.

Best of Summer Part IV Grilled “Elephant Ears”…thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,