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Don’t Cry…

…over those leftover bulbing onion starts that are still in the nursery container just sitting there on your garden bench!  I may have a solution.

Inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest,  I embarked on an experiment to re-sprout green onions in water.  What a brilliant idea… I wonder why I hadn’t read about it before.  With so many recipes calling for the green tops only, wouldn’t it be great to have a continuous “crop” of green tops?

Well, it worked…  after only a week, the performance was not stellar but it was promising!

Green Onion ResproutingNow back to those leftover bulbing onion starts sitting on your garden bench in the nursery pack!!!

I had an epiphany (not of Biblical proportions by any stretch of the imagination) but an epiphany none the less!

Armed with the success of re-sprouting tops water, I thought why not use the leftover onion starts solely for the purpose of growing green tops rather than for their bulbs… in dirt though not in water.

So I planted all the leftover starts that I had in pots.  I gave some a little space and others I’ve clumped (a kin to the way chives grow).IMG_4216IMG_4217I’ll let these little guys settle into their new homes and take root before I start trimming off the green tops.  I really see no reason why a new green top won’t re-sprout in the dirt but only time will tell.

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