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All Hail Caesar…

Caesar Salad that is 🙂

Of all the salads, in all the recipe archives, in all the world, the Caesar has a place on my table.    (Apologies for the vague reference to the classic quote from Casablanca, but it’s what I went with!)

The point is that sometimes, a Caesar Salad is just what will hit the spot and is also the perfect answer to the perennial question “what’s for dinner?”  Bonus points if you toss in leftover chicken or salmon!


Obviously, the Caesar Salad Dressing is the star of the show or at least it should!  The creamy umami of the dressing, when done right, is hard to beat.   Then you may ask, how can so many Caesar dressings be so wrong?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve ordered a Caesar Salad at a restaurant, waited expectantly for it to arrive and been grossly disappointed by a dressing that is little more than poorly seasoned mayonnaise.  I mean REALLY????

Homemade Caesar Dressing is easy to make and IMHO, superior to anything you can purchase or for that matter better than most versions you get when you order a Caesar in a restaurant.  Just toss a few ingredients that you likely already in your arsenal into your food processor and you’re set!


Playing a very important supporting role in a Caesar salad is the crunchy component.  I am not a fan of the ubiquitous crouton.  Large chunks of stale toasted bland bread that in many cases will damn near break your teeth.

Instead of croutons, I prefer to toast fresh bread crumbs in a couple of tablespoons of hot bubbling butter and season them with salt and pepper.   With toasted bread crumbs you get some savory crunch in nearly every bite… this aspect I dare say is impossible to accomplish with croutons!

Bread Crumbs

All Hail Caesar… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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