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The Morning After…

Dear Mr. Turk E. Bones,

Thank you for spending so many hours with me this past week.  I was especially pleased with the output of our time on Thursday, but I must confess my adoration with you on Friday morning was greater than that which I felt for you on Thursday.

As you simmered on my stove top, you made beautiful promises of things to come.  Your promises fell upon my ears as if they were gently popping bubbles.    Promises I know you’ll be able to keep.


In fact, you have already delivered on your first promise!  After just a few hours at a slow simmer, you leave me happy with five quarts of rich flavorful stock.  They are liquid blank canvasses to inspire me and for me to bring to life.


However, after all the cooking for Thanksgiving, my creativity and energy wanes, so specific plans for the future must wait.   I did have one idea though  for what I’ll call a cold brew pho broth that may or may not pan out.

So I’ve dropped chili peppers, cinnamon, ginger, star anise and coriander seeds onto one of the blank canvasses.


I feel sure that my cold brew pho broth won’t have the depth of flavor that a long steep with the spices would impart, but I am hopeful that the spices will be discernible and that  it will address my hankering for pho on some level.  If the flavors do adequately develop, shall we then call this faux pho?


So Mr. Turk E.  Bones, thanks for the lovely memories we made on Thanksgiving Day 2016 and for delicious food memories yet to come.

I have no regrets of our time together 🙂

The Morning After… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,