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Food Vices Part IV – Greed

Well, this little ‘doll’ pretty much sums it up…


Photo courtesy of Flickr

This greedy little girl can barely hold all those dolls.  Yet I’m certain she believes that she really needs all of them!  How can I be so certain?  Because she is me… I am a greedy little hoarder girl of sorts.   If I doctored this photo by inserting a photo of myself and instead of dolls subbed in multiple bottles of vinegar, hot sauce, bags of rice, or myriad of other pantry items, you’d get a very clear picture of the greedy me.

Honestly, as  a food lover, I  justify the need to hoard.  Here’s just one example.  I have the following vinegars in my cupboard… aged balsamic, white balsamic, red wine, white wine, rice, champagne, distilled white , apple cider, sherry, tarragon and on and on.  Oh and there are extras of some of these on my pantry shelf — cuz you know I don’t want to run out at a crucial moment!

Funny story (well maybe it isn’t a funny story but it is a true story!!) – A friend of ours, Les, was having a conversation with my husband, Steve, about making possible updates to my kitchen.  Les suggested that we remove a small section of cabinetry and utilize the space differently.  Upon hearing this blasphemy, I snapped “where would I keep all my vinegars?”

You see, Greed has its grubby mitts on me when it comes to storing up food in my pantry and freezer.  Greed is the sin of desire.  For me, Greed manifests itself with a desire to have more than I need to serve an immediate purpose.

So what am I to do about my sinful nature?   Well, the virtuous thing to do would be to crush my greedy desirous ways with Charity.  Sweet, caring, giving Charity.   Charity and I should move out to my pantry right now and start bagging up the excess on the shelves and make a donation to the nearest food drop!  But… instead I think I will (please don’t judge me) use up all my stores and discontinue my Greedy nature.   Forevermore, I’ll use up what I have on hand and only when it’s gone will I replenish it.  Greed be gone!

Food Vices Part IV – Greed… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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