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Lovely little packages…

It’s Christmas time so the mention of packages likely conjures up  images of beautifully wrapped gift boxes clad with decorative ribbons and bows carefully nestled beneath the tree.  Gift wrapping is an art form that honestly I’ve never been good at.  The image I have in my mind’s-eye does not translate to the finished product!  Anyway, the packages I’m talking about won’t be nestled under the tree and are wrapped in pastry dough, so a talent for gift wrapping is not required!

Some call these packages hand pies, some samosas, some empanadas. Regardless of the moniker, please let’s agree to call them ‘delicious little packages’ loaded with savory fillings. Of course they can also be made with sweet fillings,  but the focus of this post is on savory empanadas.

Empanadas are extremely versatile. They can be made in various sizes from appetizer to entree.  They can be frozen.  Make some for a planned party and freeze some for spontaneous get-togethers or for quick meals on busy nights.  They can be filled with just about anything.  And finally, savory and sweet versions can be served with wide array of sauces and condiments.  Think of the sauces and condiments as the ribbons and bows on your pastry packages!

These Beef Empanadas make a great hearty snack, appetizer or with the addition of a salad you have a meal.

EmpanadasAs a suggestion serve them with Chimichurri which adds a wonderful burst of freshness and a vinegary tang!

ChimiIf beef isn’t your thing try these Crabmeat Empanadas which are served with corn salsa and a poblano cream sauce.  An advantage with this recipe is that it calls for store bought puff pastry dough.

CrabEmpanadasRemember that you can wrap just about anything in  pastry.  Perhaps you’d like a vegetarian version.  What about a mixture of sweet potato and black beans or roasted cauliflower, kale and some gooey cheese?   Tis the season for wrapping!

Lovely little packages… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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