The Language of Flowers…

The daffodils are in full bloom, and somewhere I read that daffodils are the flower for the 10th wedding anniversary.  The latter point is of significance as my husband and I just celebrated our 10th!

But this post is about something else really.  Perhaps, it’s about a mother’s love.  Perhaps, it’s just a bunch of random thoughts all thrown together.  Perhaps, I’m just waxing nostalgic 🙂

On November 8, 1973, my Mom gave me a little book, Language of Flowers. The inscription is very simple and heartfelt.  It reads,

“To Diane

Much Love,


My Little Book has traveled with me over many miles on my rich life adventures.

I consult My Little Book often for inspiration.  For example, our wedding flowers were very intentionally chosen for their meaning.

White roses meaning I am worthy of you.

Ivy meaning Fidelity and  Marriage.

Reflecting on My Little Book, I see that I was in the first semester of my senior year of high school, and honestly, I was a mother’s nightmare.   Nevertheless, she had ‘Much Love’ for me.  (Side note:  when I was around 9 years old, Mom redecorated my bedroom with daisies.  Daisies mean Innocence.)

Most recently during a consultation with My Little Book, I discovered that in the language of flowers Daffodils mean Regard.

I love the word, regard.  The implication is that of a very personal nature – to look at something attentively, to consider something in a particular way, to hold something in esteem.

So whether this post was about celebration of love, random thoughts or waxing nostalgic is neither here nor there.   The language of flowers is real!

The Language of Flowers… thanks of visiting My Palatable Life.

Warm regards,



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