Gearing Up…

I don’t know if my choice of topic this week is related to the results of the recent election or that I’ve started thinking about holiday preparations.  Either way, I felt like I needed a drink and something sweet!  Both to swallow the bitter pill of the election results and to make my time thinking about the holidays sweeter.

So, I started perusing resources scouting for a libation and a sweet treat that spoke to me both of Autumn and Thanksgiving and would also soothe my feelings of disappointment and disbelief about the presidential election.  As luck would have it, I spied a couple of gems that I felt would do the trick!

First, the Maple Bourbon Smash… a riff on the classic Old-Fashioned.


Since I’m a bourbon drinker, taste testing this one was not a stretch, and all I have to say is this…   “Yes please, may I have another?”

It’s autumn and a mild dose of consolation in a rocks glass.  I’ll definitely be sipping on a Maple Bourbon Smash (or two) as I’m cooking our Thanksgiving feast, and most likely a few between now and then just to make sure that I’ve got the recipe dialed in :-).

And then I moved onto a little seasonal (post-election and pre-Thanksgiving) sweetness.  It’s not exactly time to break into a rendition of  ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire’,  but how about toasting pepitas, the crunchy addition to these Salted Pumpkin Caramels?


What I have to say about making caramels may make it sound like they are not worth making.  That is not the case, but man oh man it takes a pitcher full of patience and on the best of days my pitcher tends to run pretty low.  I mean, what’s with the candy thermometer?  Why isn’t it moving?  🙁


All the watching and stirring is of course essential to ensure that the caramel doesn’t burn and that it doesn’t go past the soft ball point… Cuz there’s nothing worse than pulling fillings out with caramels,  and nothing better than creamy caramel deliciousness 🙂

Despite the trying of my patience, the end result was well worth it!  They made both, the bitter pill that I needed to swallow and thoughts of preparing for the upcoming holiday, sweeter.


Gearing up… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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