Oktoberfest at Home…

I’m not particularly fond of festivals, and if I confess the entire truth, working my way through a crowd for food and drink is equally unappealing.  But with all the media coverage for Oktoberfest, I found myself with a profound hankering for German food, and thus I decide to rock Oktoberfest at home.  And apparently, I did this just in the nick of time!

Because Oktoberfest officially ends the first weekend in October.  So, really it’s Septemberfest?  Well, not really!   Here’s a tiny history lesson.

The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 in honor of the marriage between the Bavarian Crown Prince, Ludwig and  Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The festivities began on October 12th and ended on October 17th.  The celebration was repeated in following years, but was moved up to begin in September because the weather conditions were better for the revelers to enjoy the festivities.

Beer, bratwurst, rotkohl and spätzle… oh my 🙂

Spätzle… wonderful little nutmeg-laced dumplings pan fried in brown butter!  How can that be a bad thing?   Just a note here on technique.  I’ve made spätzle on one previous occasion and used a ricer to press the dough which worked just fine.  This time, I listened to an “expert” who recommended, in the absence of a spätzle press, to push the spätzle dough through a colander.  All I can say is DO NOT use a colander – what a horrible mess.  Bottom line, if you don’t have a spätzle press hopefully you have a ricer!


Rotkohl is a traditional German side dish of sweet and sour red cabbage.  The red cabbage was a welcome addition to an otherwise pale plate of food!


Now what about that wurst?   I understand that sauerkraut is a hard pill for some people to swallow.  I get that (I guess), but like all fermented foods, it’s REALLY good for you!  For me, dare I say that a pile of sauerkraut sitting on top of my bratwurst that is nestled in a pretzel roll,well… it’s like salt and pepper, PB&J, or peas and carrots, a perfect union.

Food… check! Now, what about the music?  Pandora ended up being the ticket though I couldn’t find my first choice, Oompah Band Radio, I did find a Polka Band Radio Station!

So, dancing the polka around our beer steins, we sat down to our enjoyable crowd-free Oktoberfest meal… Prost!


Oktoberfest at Home… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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