Best of Summer Part VII Corn…

For the final installment in the Best of Summer series, I choose to showcase corn.  Of all the summer deliciousness in the food realm, I don’t really know why I’m choosing corn.  Perhaps corn is in my blood.  I’m a Midwestern girl born and raised, hailing from Northern Illinois where the corn grows as ‘high as an elephant’s eye by the 4th of July’.  Well at least it used to… not so sure anymore with global warming and all, but I digress!

If where I originally hail from is not the sole reason for choosing corn, then I’m sure my decision to go with corn has much to do with the fact that corn is just quite simply a fabulous ingredient.  Sweet, milky kernels bursting with flavor.

Corn is one of those versatile ingredients that can go so many different ways in any season, but with our focus on the Best of Summer we’re specifically focusing on fresh corn on the cob.

Here are a couple of different ways that I’ve used fresh corn recently.

This Spicy Corn Chowder is easy to prepare and highlights corn in a most appealing way.

Spicy Corn Chowder

Oh and before I forget, after cutting the kernels of corn from the cob, PLEASE DO NOT throw the cobs away.  Talk about a fantastic flavor booster… break the cobs in half and toss them into your soup stock to extract every ounce of sweet rich “corn milk”.  I promise you won’t regret this step.

To make this chowder a little hardier… add some shrimp or chicken.

Chowder with Shrimp

Secondly, I love savory pies, and recently ran across an article on galettes – free form, rustic pies.  This Corn, Swiss Chard, and Ricotta Galette  makes a great vegetarian meal with the addition of a simple green salad.


It is true that the autumnal equinox looms in all it’s colorful glory, but remember, that while summer wanes and autumn waxes, there is still plenty of time to enjoy all the delicious flavors that summer offers.

Best of Summer Part VII Corn… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

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