It All Started on the Back of a Napkin…

Palatable Life celebrated its first birthday on September 19th!

Birthday Cake Clip Art | All2Need

It came to life quickly with a few doodles, a margarita 🙂 and some thoughts jotted down on the back of a napkin.

I took a break, this past week,  from my usual musing for the blogosphere because, frankly, I’ve been waiting for some inspiration to roil around me.  Here’s the thing about inspiration.

It’s evasive.  It ebbs and flows.  You can be riding the biggest, gnarliest wave of it one minute and fall flat in the next.  Being inspired, in my opinion, has to do with being receptive to things that come your way be they large or small.  Inspiration can hit you like a wave or kiss your cheek like a sea breeze.

So whatever is inspiring you, whether it be a particular aspect of the changing season or the football season, ride your inspired feeling with reckless abandon.  And if you’re like me and inspiration is being slippery, just sit back for a while and rest… it will come if you have your receptors turned on.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you during this past year.

Thank you for your visits to Palatable Life…

Be inspired,

P.S.  The original napkin…