Pet Peeve #1 The Bun…

#1 not because of the priority of peevishness it provokes but rather simply because it’s where I’m starting.

Right size your buns people!

The Larissa Monologues: Perfect Hamburger Buns

When I go out and pay money for food, I want it to be exceptional.  I’m paying you for your expertise in this area.  If it can’t be exceptional then at least I want it to be of a quality that doesn’t irritate the crap out of me.   Is that too much to ask?  Are you with me?

Take the hamburger… sometimes there just isn’t anything better than a burger, but I DO NOT want to excavate my way through 3-4 square inches of  plain bun before I get to the “goods”.

Get to ratio of bun to the main event right… Right size your buns people 🙂


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