Food Vices Part VI – Envy

I’m going to switch things around a bit today and not focus on Envy.   You see, Envy is truly a siren, and in the context of food vices, left to her own devices Envy is capable of rousing self-loathing.  What a downer that is for this lovely Sunday morning!


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Instead, let’s concentrate on Envy’s counterbalance, Kindness.  Specifically, embracing ourselves with Kindness when it comes to how we feel about ourselves and food.  Let Kindness give you a hug for who you are in this moment (in each moment).  Let Kindness, gently and with compassion and forgiveness, guide you to be the best version of yourself.

Walk (run or skip) with Kindness to sculpt the best version of yourself.  Throw being self-critical off a cliff and forgive yourself if (or when) you falter in your endeavor to shape the best you.  It’s okay to follow up that beautiful summer salad loaded with fresh veg with a bowl of ice cream!   It’s summer after all, so let’s be easy-breezy.

Food Vices Part VI – Envy… thanks for visiting Palatable Life.

Be inspired,

P.S. Have a wonderful, safe and sane 4th… from what are you gaining your Independence?

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