Mixed, Pell-Mell but Intimately, Together…


This Country Terrine served with bread or crackers, some jam, chutney or mustard is a great addition to a charcuterie board.  And it makes a wonderful treat to take along on a picnic or as a snack for your next wine tasting adventure.

For me, there is a certain homey comfort derived from eating meatloaf.  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas – a meal from my childhood.  As is often the case with meals, they are better the next day.  I’m talking about a meatloaf sandwich made with three simple ingredients — white bread, mayo, and a slice of cold meatloaf — that does it for me!

Perhaps my fondness for this humble sandwich is the reason why I  love  terrines.  Okay… I suppose it could just be that I am a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore 🙂

By definition, a terrine is a molded concoction of chopped meat, fish or vegetables.  Admittedly, a terrine doesn’t sound particularly appealing when analyzed with those words!

It was perhaps the words in the forward of the very first terrine that I put together that made me fall in love.  These are the words used by Richard Olney, an influential American cookbook author, to describe a terrine.  He wrote, “A simple terrine is never so good as when prepared in the easiest possible way, all of the ingredients of the composition mixed, pell-mell but intimately, together.”

Play with it!  Make it your own!  Change the spice mixture, add bits of dried fruit and/or nuts.  It’s a meatloaf; the possibilities are endless!

Mixed, Pell-Mell but Intimately, Together… thanks for visiting Palatable Life!

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