The beauty’s in the bowl…

As with any soup recipe there are many variations. Some variations are regional. Some are familial. Others just result from the ingredients that are on hand! Laksa is no exception.  So what’s laksa?

It’s a spicy noodle soup popular as a street food in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.  While there are several different types of laksa, two are dominant – curry laksa and asam laksa.  The former  is coconut milk based and the latter is tamarind based.

Plated Curry Laksa

I stumbled upon this Curry Laksa recipe during my search for yummy vegan fare. I love curry. And I love making curry paste so the attraction to this recipe was not a stretch.  The beauty of making curry paste from scratch is that you can amp up or tone down the heat according to your personal preference.

Ingredients Laksa Paste

After making my first batch, I realized that not only is laksa simple to make, nourishing, and full of fresh, vibrant flavors, it’s also full of possibilities – vegan and otherwise.   In fact, traditional curry laksa is made with both chicken and prawns.  YUM!  Can’t wait to try it with those additions!

I won’t recommend making a steady diet of curry laksa because the coconut milk is loaded with calories, but I do recommend that you try it.  I promise that an occasional tryst with a lush pool of coconut milk will not cause irreparable harm to your waistline, and I truly believe that your taste buds will thank you!

Curry Laksa

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