Autumn Magic…

The magic of autumn here in the Pacific Northwest could be in the changing colors, the cloud filled BNut Squash1sky, the advent of the rain or the smell of a freshly racked pile of leaves but I’m finding the magic in squash.  Specifically, butternut squash what a fantastic versatile ingredient!  Whether it’s roasted and caramelized to perfection, mashed and used as an alternate topping on shepherd’s pie or added to soups, stews or salads as far as I’m concerned butternut squash can do no wrong.  In addition to its versatility butternut squash is also nutritious.

It’s rich in vitamins A and B and it contains minerals – iron, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.  Minerals are important to our health and they are often overlooked.  They keep us going and charged.

Here’s another great thing about butternut squash.  It freezes beautifully which is indeed a plus since you often do not need an entire squash for the recipe you’re preparing.  So don’t stop dicing with only the amount you require immediately, keep dicing and put the rest in the freezer for next time.  There’s no point letting a chunk of it mold in the fridge!

In one of my earlier posts (I love fall…) I offered a recipe for beef, barley and butternut squash stew.  Today I’ve added a few more squash recipes to the soups and stews page.   Two of my old tried and trues – pork and butternut squash stew and Moroccan butternut squash and chickpea soup and a couple that I’ve just recently added to my collection:   short ribs and butternut squash chili (the ribs are definitely the star here with the squash in a supporting role) and miso squash soup with sesame ginger apples.

Autumn Magic… thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoy a palatable life.

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