Have it your way…

One of my pet peeves is an ill-conceived and poorly written recipe. cropped-Icon-Image.jpg
To me there is nothing worse than drooling over the possibilities that a list of ingredients holds (yes, reading recipes trips my trigger!) only to find that you require a degree in cryptography to decipher the instructions.  For me though a drool-worthy recipe is worth the effort of solving the instruction code, so I find myself rewriting recipes to suit my style.

By nature, I’m laconic.  I like brevity.  So I’ve rewritten many of the recipes that I will offer on Palatable Life and the rewrites are reflective of this personality trait.   I often leave out the parts about what size pan or bowl to use, or how long to saute the sofrito before continuing to the next step.  This may not be best for you, my much appreciated readers!

I’ve been at this for a few weeks now and have posted several recipes. Thanks to my sister from another mister, best friend and my newly appointed director of marketing, Junie, I understand that it’s time for me to find out from you what you want when it comes to the content of the recipes that I will post.

I want you to have it your way, so please tell me… What is your way? Would you like more instructions?  Would you like explanations for concepts that may be unfamiliar?  Do you want to know why I recommend certain techniques over others?

I value your input and I thank you in advance for providing it.   I will take it to heart.

Have it your way… thanks for visiting palatable.life.

Be well,

P.S.  Shout out to my husband and my director of all things technical, Steve, for his enduring patience with me as he explains technical details and the ins and outs of WordPress!